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Company Valuation Assessment

Company Valuation Assessment

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Connectd understands the technical difficulties involved with valuing your start-up. This package will assess your start-up's valuation and provide feedback from an investor's point of view. We will provide you with a comprehensive model to assess the valuation of your start-up regardless of your development stage.


What this service includes:


Company Valuation

Using the best suited model for your start-up's maturity stage and industry of operation, we carry out an extensive pre-money and post-money company valuation assessment using the relevant methodologies and benchmarking systems.

We place a strong emphasis on guiding you regarding your company valuation with an acknowledgement of an investor's perspective, fairly reflecting your start-up’s potential, without fear of overestimation leading to alienated investors.


Market Research and Comparables

Our experts undertake a thorough investigation into the competition environment of your start-up's industry, then search and analyse any possible comparable start-up valuations that can provide the contextual data used by the model to accurately guide you to a suitable valuation for your start-up.